Mammut 6.0 Glacier Cord Dry

£289.62 £115.70


Mammut 6.0 Glacier Cord Dry

£289.62 £115.70


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Mammut 6.0 Glacier Cord Dry – now 60% off!

A rope developed specially for super lightweight glacier travel, skiing in steep terrain and mountaineering it’s main purpose is for crevasse rescue, hauling and rappelling. The rope complies with UIAA new water repellency standards for dry treated ropes, absorbing less than 5% of the rope’s weight in water, preventing freezing of the rope in low temperatures, keeping the rope light and safe and easy to handle with belay devices and descenders even in the most adverse conditions. In abrasion tests, this rope achieves high levels of resistance durability.The rope is light (25g per metre), strong enough to abseil on (14kN) and handles well, it’s actually quite stiff, great for throwing at the start of abseils (soft ropes are not a good idea unless you like untangling balls of string!) It even comes with a compact bag that can also be used as a throw bag for rappelling maneuvers. It has an extra-grippy aramid sheath construction for easy handling, high friction while rappelling, low abrasion and also to aid in braking when arresting a crevasse fall. It is hyperstatic, giving it less than 2% stretch for greater efficiency in rescue manoeuvres and to prevent the bungee effect during rappelling or a crevasse fall.Where it will come in most handy is skiing on steep terrain with small cliff bands where you might find yourself needing to make a 30m abseil to either gain a couloir from a ridge line (something like the Col du Beaugent ski tour in the Aiguilles Rouges area of Chamonix) or if you’re stuck above a steep cliff-banded section such as the complex tree skiing on the Plan de l’Aiguille in Chamonix.

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